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November 9th running log

Tormented Adrienne into running 15 minutes, 1 min walk, 3 times total. She was trying to sleep on the stairs, I had to use extreme measures. I better get a promotion soon.


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November 6 running log

16 minutes running, 1 walking, 3 times.
… Adrienne and I have to renew our unholy contract, I think :) With the two of us being busy / lazy and with the holidays coming up, we’ll have to think hard to find ways to get running time…

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Sprout raising process, day 6

The Sprout Sandwich Shindig was so much fun I forgot to put up my pictures from yesterday…

First, a blurry morning picture.

Then in the evening, they’re finally ready!

They grow together so tightly that you have an Eternal Darkness-style Pillar of Sprouts when you finally take them out of the sprouter…

Sproutpeople recommends getting the hulls off in a salad spinner, which I had never tried before: they are the experts, so of course it worked perfectly.

Thank you for your patience with this domestic interlude! Now, back to running logs and old video games.

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Sprout raising process, day 5

This morning they’re looking happy…

and would you look at that, I think they’re starting to get positively plant-like this evening ♪

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Oh noes, artwork theft!

Someone I’ve been talking with about Granhistoria recently was worried that I was the sort of barbaric person who would go around stealing other people’s fanart. I wasn’t all that offended – actually I was rather amused because it’s happened to me before, although I didn’t go into that.

My paperdolls get, shall we say, remixed a lot, with my blessing or at least passive approval. The dresses get changed into those cute pixel dolls, redrawn for fanart, used in Polyvore collages, repurposed as illustrations in fanfiction, Gaia role-playing threads and blog posts and so on. My Anna Karenina dress even got made into a killer Second Life gown. To me it’s part of the joy / terror of releasing them to the world. If there’s some form of attribution I don’t mind… actually, the results are often really cool and I love that something I did was an inspiration to someone. (I probably ought to just go ahead and figure out the terms of some Creative Commons license I’d be comfortable with.)

Taking the originals, squishing the hell out of them, erasing important bits and changing the colors such that the results can only be described as abominations… well, even if there had been some sort of attribution, I still wouldn’t have been all that thrilled, I imagine. There is a possibility that attribution would have made it sting even worse. Trust me when I say I’m doing you a favor by not sharing all 30 screenshots with you…

Hopefully it’ll be taken care of soon…

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