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July 30 running log

Same as last time – 4 min. running, 2 min. walking, 8 times around.


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July 27 running log

Ran with Adrienne, 4 minutes run, 2 minutes walk 8 times (32 min. run, 16 min. walking, 48 min. total)

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Ways To Improve My Bi Bim Bop

  • Don’t burn the rice!
  • Marinate larger pieces of tofu and bake them
  • Fry the eggs on the level burner and not the slanted one
  • More toppings, less rice
  • Brian wants broccoli
  • Pick up sesame seeds
  • “Make sure you say that the bi bim bop was still pretty good,” Brian says kindly, “because you make it sound like it was a complete fail.” And it was pretty good! It was fun to heat up the little bowls on the stove and arrange all the vegetables… I can see myself making that a lot, if I can get some parts of it down.

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    July 25 running log

    Adrienne and I started the Beginning Runner’s Handbook “Maintenance” program – that is, after getting up to 50 and 60 minutes running at a time at the end of the original program, it puts you back at 4 minutes running, 2 minutes walking (times seven, today). Since I just got back from vacation, it was nice to not be trying a super long run, but I almost wish it could ramp up to the longer runs more quickly. But so far I’ve trusted this book and it’s came through for me, so I’ll follow along with these shorter runs…

    Summary: 4 minutes running, 2 minutes walking, seven times (total 28 min. running, 14 walking, 42 overall)

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    Separate from paperdolls

    Not that I don’t love paperdolls, and yes I honestly do intend to draw some more (new scanner new scanner did I mention my new scanner?) but it doesn’t feel right to update that site unless I am adding something pretty, and I’ve been thinking I’d like to have a space for non-pretty things like running notes and tank translation. I am almost tempted to do a Metal Max-specific blog along the lines of Earthbound Central but nah, that’s just because that’s my current obsession, and obsessions come and go, as you may know if you read my paperdoll blog.

    Somehow, my memory is tied to my writing; I remember things that happened when I was studying in Japan better than I remember what I was doing a month ago. If things go well, this is our last year in Michigan, and I’d like to record it.

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