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Sprout raising process, day 4

Look, cute little cotyledons! I think that’s the right term anyways.

Whether it’s the right term or no, they’re getting cuter and cuter as the day passes.


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Sprout raising process, day 3

After the first rinse this morning…

Look, look, they’re germinating! Awwww. Welcome to the world, sweet sandwich filling.

Now they’ve had their second rinse this evening, you can really see the potential already…

I think most of you (all two of you, and that may be a generous estimate) who are following my sprouting adventures actually know me in real life. So let’s do this: once the sprouts are ready we will have a Sprout Sandwich Shindig. Post a comment on one of the sprout series posts and you’re invited.

Tell me, too: shall this be a pita-and-hummus-centric shindig, or are more traditional sandwiches going to be involved? Sprouts are good either way. Sproutpeople says they’re also good on pizza, but I haven’t yet had the heart for that.

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October 30 running log

Ran 20 minutes.

… That’s because I screwed up and didn’t have enough money to park as long as I normally do. Yeah, ditzy…

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Sprout raising process, day 2

This morning I drained the soaking water and rinsed the seeds, also known as proto-sprouts. (At least in my household.)

And then this evening, post-date, the seeds get a second rinse… You can (barely) see them starting to open up here.

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Sprout raising process, day 1

In the spirit of poor lost Geocities, and since I’m feeling like this blog is far too running-and-geek-stuff-centric, insofar as it has a heart at all, I decided I needed to document something useless and domestic. So I joked about it on Twitter but I’m actually doing it: Snuffing Out Sprouts, part one.  Before they get sacrificed to the tempeh sandwich or the salad, they have to get raised with love and care…

I ordered my sprouter from sproutpeople. Coming from the ol’ mason-jar-and-cheesecloth-method, I was a little intimidated at first, but it’s a snap to use.

The seeds are the bulk sandwich mix from the co-op. 1/4 cup goes in the sprouter…

Sprout sludge! Add water, soak overnight…

On goes the cover. (I think it makes it look like some sort of whacked-out milkshake)

Thanks of course to my photographer.

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The Video Game Atlas

There was a cool post on Metafilter earlier showing how all the Zelda dungeons fit together, and in the comment thread a post by Zephyrial linked to this site that maps out imaginary worlds, The Video Game Atlas. (I’m spending too much time with the SNES list. Got Fourside as my background now, with the Dinosaur Museum sign almost right in the center.)

I had to make my Granhistoria map by taking screenshots during the temple events, when the camera panned out, then stitching them together. It works to some extent, but it leaves out much of the northern continent… My lovely new guide book has a real map, but still I’m hoping Shadow and/or Threetimes will like it enough to make a pretty map for me, like they did with Metal Saga

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October 27 running log

15 minutes run, 1 min. walk, 3 times total with Adrienne. (Yes! Progress!)

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