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Running log, September 28

Ran one minute, walked four, eight times. I haven’t ran since the 10th for various reasons, not all of which are just flimsy excuses in disguise, so I might repeat the one-minute run day once or twice before heading to the dreaded one minute thirty second week.

I did post an Ask Metafilter question on great music suggestions for running, and I started the testing process today with the Guilty Gear XX soundtrack. I don’t know anything about Guilty Gear except that everyone’s gay for Bridget, but the soundtrack is just the kind of thing I love for running — I’ve only had to banish one track for being slow, so far.


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Running log, September 10

Eight repetitions, one minute running, four walking. One minute and thirty seconds looms large in my mind, and when I’m a little better able to concentrate I need to explore these three Ask Metafilter threads:,,

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Running Log, September 8

Nine times around, one minute running, four walking. Behind by a day – eek!

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Running log, September 3

Same as last time – eight repetitions, one minute running, four walking. I feel like I could go on to the scheduled third week, but I will probably redo the one minute again. It was much easier today than it was on Sunday, though.

Things I learned from running last year that I have to remember this year:

  • Even if I hate every second from the moment I leave the apartment to the moment I drag my carcass back through the door, I’m always happy that I’ve gone. Sometimes this happiness doesn’t kick in until the next day, but I still always feel it. Restated: I never regret going, but I do regret not going.
  • There’s a difference between “I’ve hurt myself and I need to stop”-pain and “My legs are tired and I don’t usually ask them to work this hard”-pain. The second one is temporary. (And I know the difference between the two, so there’s no good in pretending I don’t.)
  • The first ten minutes of running are hard, but after that it does get easier. This, however, won’t be a factor for me until, oh, December.
  • This is a mantra I use when I make a mistake drawing, but it also applies to running: if I do something once, I can do it again. I’ve done this all before, just slower! (And it was harder back then. When I think about how my feet hurt when I started, it seems petty to complain about the relatively lighter pain in my calves.)
  • I can always keep going. Even when I feel like I very well might collapse on the track and that would be a positive development, I just need to keep going. It is just one foot in front of the other again and again, and it is still more fun than yoga.
  • Everyone starts from where they are. (That is what I used to tell myself when, running at my then-top speed, I’d get lapped by walkers twice my age.)
  • No matter how randomly I slap together a new playlist, I always seem to be listening to the right song.

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Running log, September 1

Ran one minute, walked four, eight times total.

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